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A Texas resident shared security camera footage identifying the thief who stole a 10-pound package from their porch — a neighborhood dog.

Willy Mills, of Lubbock, posted a video to Nextdoor showing the “pooch pirate” struggling to carry the heavy box, which Mills said contained Milk Bone dog treats.

The post said the dog only took the Milk Bone box, leaving behind several other packages.

A commenter on the post, Bekah Elder, identified the canine in the video as her husky, named Kit-Kat. She wrote that Kit-Kat had escaped from her fenced-in yard about a 1/4 mile from Mills’ home.

Elder said Kit-Kat was found later in the day, but she had no idea the dog had been getting up to mischief until seeing the video.

“She showed no signs of having eaten anything and happily ate her dinner that night. I had know idea of the thievery until I saw the video,” Elder wrote.