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The Buccaneers are trying to figure out what to do with Antonio Brown when his suspension for submitting a fake vaccination card ends. There may be an option other than the simple and clear choices of keep him or cut him.

The Bucs could keep Brown, but not use him — at least not until the postseason.

With three games left in the regular season after the expiration of Brown’s three-game banishment, a full reinstatement could help Brown earn some of his various incentives. He currently has 29 catches, 418 yards, and four touchdowns. If he gets to 50 catches, he gets $333,333. If he gets to 600 yards, he gets $333,333. If he gets to five touchdowns, he gets $333,333.

If he gets to seven touchdowns, that’s another $333,333.

The Bucs, as an extension of Brown’s financial punishment, could be thinking about not using him so that he can’t make that extra money. But they’d also keep him because then they could use him in the postseason. More importantly, they’d keep him from surfacing with, say, the Packers. Or the Rams. Or the Chiefs. Or any other team that the Bucs may have to beat en route to another potential Super Bowl win.