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Ravens sign Josh Johnson off Jets practice squad

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said on Monday that the team is planning to start Lamar Jackson at quarterback against the Packers this weekend despite the sprained ankle he suffered

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Ultrasound may help breach pancreatic cancer defenses

Pancreatic cancer, aside from being notoriously undetectable in its early stages, is also hard to eradicate after it’s discovered. The tumors are like armed fortresses—nearly impregnable to cancer drugs and

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Toshiba says it will rectify over-reliance on government

Toshiba Corp (6502.T) on Thursday pledged to rectify its over-reliance on administrative authorities after an investigation found it had colluded with the Japan’s trade ministry to pressure overseas shareholders. A

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Oversight Board raises alarm over Facebook’s role in Ethiopian conflict

The Oversight Board set up by Facebook issued a decision today calling on the platform to begin an independent assessment of the platform’s role in heightening the risk of violence

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Maryland woman’s first scratch-off lottery ticket earns her $50,000

A Maryland woman said a question from her fiance led to her buying her first-ever scratch-off lottery ticket — and winning $50,000. The 66-year-old Fort Washington woman told Maryland Lottery

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